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Dave Walsh and The TrueTell have yielded remarkable success for voiceover clients, their agents and managers in Hollywood, New York and Chicago as well as across the United States, Canada and Latin America.  All have high praise for The TrueTell Method:

“Remarkable. Like rediscovering something of great value you’d been neglecting.”

  -Andrew Kishino


“Dave Walsh’s TrueTell™ is the difference between good and great, reading and    connecting, auditioning and booking.

  -Pat Duke


“Whereas many actors routinely put on masks, Walsh’s techniques  remove them, leading the        actor to the clarity of his truest, most  honest self. Invaluable.”

  -Mark Kaufmann


“TrueTell™ is simple yet brilliant in nature. The growth possibilities become limited only by your       own ceiling. The ability to really, truly step back and take a raw look at yourself in an uncritical    yet acute fashion, to analyze your inner most feelings in a snap second is awe inspiring and          eye opening. My time working with Dave has been the most productive and fruitful of my career.”

   -Jason Venner

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