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TrueTell™ founder Dave Walsh has enjoyed a truly multi-faceted career on both sides of the Hollywood glass, as successful artist, coach and director as well as studio executive. 


Walsh has been a key national and international voiceover talent for almost 20 years, fronting signature campaigns for commercial and television icons including AT&T, HBO, Honda, Entertainment Tonight (ET), Modern Marvels, Shell, NBC’s

The Biggest Loser, Wells Fargo, The E! True Hollywood Story, CBS’ Big Brother

and Hyundai.


Dave has also spent the better part of the last decade coaching and cultivating the voiceover careers of some of the most established artists in the United States, Canada and Latin America.


As executive at CBS/Paramount Television and owner of his own research consulting firm, Walsh Media, Dave was a marketing force behind some of the most established franchises in television history including ET, Frasier, Cheers and the entire Star Trek series library.


The TrueTell™ is the merging of these diverse yet powerfully synchronistic career paths. Walsh has dovetailed his offbeat, quirky passion for identifying and branding the true value of voices with his recognition of the business culture’s general apathy yet hunger for authenticity in both communication and behavior.

He believes this true “tell” is the key to building greater fluidity and trust in business practices as well as individual confidence, better performance

and overall success.

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