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WALSH VOICEOVER COACHING prides itself on the recognition it has received across the voiceover industry for the exceptional quality and impact of its client demo productions across a wide variety of formats including:



• Commercial


• Network Promo


• News Affiliate & Entertainment Station Promo


• Sports Promo

• Documentary & Corporate Narration

• E-Learning/Explainer


• Trailer


• Political





Full Demo Package (per demo rate)*: $3,495.00

A La Carte Demo Production (Direction/Post)*: $425.00/hour


Full Demo Refresh (Cutdown Only): $425.00/hour

Demo Review/Production Meeting/Rough Cut: $325.00/hour




*Includes one performance prep session, studio record session, director and editor fees, all post production, two “cuts” of demo prior to final approval. Fees beyond first two cuts for additional changes and edits will apply. Additional demo prep sessions are at the above-mentioned per session rate.


Demo Record Cancellation Policy: NO LATER THAN 72 HOURS prior to scheduled session. Failure to do so will result in a $500.00 cancellation fee. No exceptions.

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